A Set Netter's cabin close to Cook Inlet Park

Yea! It’s all planned:

Tickets are purchased and the big date is getting near but what to pack? Alaska is a terrific place to visit with lots to see and do.



The summer weather can be fickle; sunny, warm, 65 degrees with a light fresh breeze and hours later, low clouds, light rain and 52 degrees that can last for several days. The more you are prepared, the more fun and exciting it will be. Jeans, tennis shoes, a sweatshirt with a light jacket, are just perfect for short excursions, sight seeing, or even out to dinner in any of our finer restaurants.  If you plan to be hiking, boating, fishing or participate in similar activities, layered clothing is the best bet. Cotton fabrics should be avoided as they can be cold, provide poor insulation when wet, and difficult to dry. A wool, fleece or other synthetic fabrics under a windbreaker jacket will do nicely. Be sure to bring light, good quality rain gear just in case. I prefer a lightweight set with a breathable material (microporous nylon or Gore-Tex) which can be stuffed in a backpack when not needed. If fishing in the early morning hours, a synthetic pair of long underwear (polypropylene, Helly Hansen Lifa, etc.) will keep you cozy.


Fishing Gear:

Firstly, if you are fishing with a guide, they will provide all the gear you will need. If you wish to bring your own special rod & reel, the airlines will accept them, however there are numerous stores ( Trustworthy Hardware, Sportsman's Warehouse) and tackle shops within a couple of miles to purchase anything you need or forgot. If you wish to rent rods & reels, we have them for $10/day (not to exceed $30 for your stay). You will need waders for most bank fishing as most anglers wade out slightly for better positioning and to protect the fragile bank environment from erosion. Waders are usually on sale for around $25-$30/pair or can be rented for $15 for your stay with us (first come, first serve if we have your size).



We have grocery stores (Safeway and Fred Meyer) within a couple of miles. There are many local restaurants and fast food (McDonald’s, Taco Bell, Subway) places within easy access. The closest restaurant (Caribou Family Restaurant) is about a mile away and is open 24 hours.



Be sure to bring extra memory cards.


Cell Phone:

I know for sure that AT&T and Verizon work pretty well in our area.  If you have something different, check with your carrier.



You might want to travel into or through Canada.


Medications & Prescriptions:

Nice to have if you lose a contact while fishing.



If you have a special brand or type you prefer, bring it with you as it might not be available locally. Remember to pack in checked luggage if it is over 3 oz.


Mosquito repellent:

Although mosquitos can be bothersome in some locations, we have very few at “A Cabin the Pond”. Again, if you have a special brand, bring it with you.


Collapsible backpack:

Nice to have when hiking, fishing, or to bring along on your shopping excursion.


These are great to view a distant moose, or a whale breaching in the ocean. A small collapsible pair is adequate.


A good measure of humor and patience:

Alaska is a dynamic, ever-changing place with immense beauty and lots of opportunity, yet it’s still a wilderness. Enjoy the experience. We’ll see you here!