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Traveling Information

We’ve put together a few things you may want to know when traveling to Soldotna, Alaska or just the Kenai Peninsula in general. Take a look at the boxes and tap the one you may be interested in.

Things to Bring

Depending on your activities here in Alaska we have a few recommendations for you.

Timing your Vacation

The tourism season in Alaska is pretty short, be sure to get here when you need to.

Melba the Moose

Meet our friend Melba, she is the moose that loves to hang out with our guests.

Anchorage to Soldotna

150 Miles of pure Alaskan beauty. Rated as 1 of 50 ultimate road trips.

Want to see a moose?

Melba the Moose

Melba the moose has been coming by A Cabin by the Pond for 9 years.  She has become part of the family.  Although still considered a dangerous and wild animal, she has become friendly with us over the years.  She usually brings her yearly babies by for us to see and enjoy on the warmer summer days.  Maybe you’ll see her too.

the friendly neighbor

Is it time to play yet?