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Free Farm Fresh Eggs For Visitors To Soldotna Alaska

As of January 2020 we no longer have chickens and Farm Fresh Eggs. We hope to bring back chickens in the near future! Stay tuned and thank you for your support! In July 2018, I broke down and caved into my lifelong dream of working towards a mini-farming lifestyle. Haha! So I splurged a little and bought this cute Alaska-ready cabin-looking-coop from Arctic Chicken Coops out of Anchorage. A highly-recommended small business that we were so grateful to work with. I was so impressed that they came out and assembled it right onsite, with their adorable golden retriever in tow! 🙂 Very convenient and the coop has been excellent! It is insulated and has two electrical outlets in it. I plugged in the Christmas lights to make it a little more magical, and inside we have 1 heatlamp and 1 regular light.
I went to Kenai Feed, a local store and purchased 10 Rhode Island Reds. They are supposed to be good layers! I opted for 10 hens and 1 rooster. I received 9 hens and 2 roosters. I chick died the first night but the rest have all survived. Today, we have 8 hens a layin’ and we go out first farm fresh eggs on December 3, 2018. Many friends have shared that their chickens don’t lay any eggs in the winter so I feel very blessed for these yummy treats.
By mid-December 2018 our lady hens were laying about 3-6 eggs each day. I was thrilled to have enough eggs gathered to gift lots of farm fresh eggs to co-workers, friends, and some clients during the holiday season. I noticed that the laying slows down when the temps fluctuate drastically or if it dips down into the subzero range.
The real reason I was so excited about getting chickens is to be able to offer a farm-fresh guest amenity to our visitors at A Cabin by the Pond! This is something that we hope to consistently begin to start offering during the 2019 operating season.
Because all 8 of our cabins & lodges each have their own individual kitchens with a stove and all the needed utensils to cook, we think these farm fresh eggs will be the perfect protein to add to meals. Kick off a summer day before fishing or exploring all day long with a fresh egg scramble. Get some fresh air & take breakfast out on your private cabin porch, or in the courtyard next to the artesian pond. Plus, if you have any leftover scraps from cooking, you can feed them to the happy hens (no waste = total happiness). We hope you enjoy this fun new experience at A Cabin by the Pond.