The Owners

Eric & Courtney Stanley

Eric & Courtney Stanley are the proud owners of A Cabin by the Pond in Soldotna, Alaska! Eric was raised in Dutch Harbor, Alaska & has been fishing and hunting since he could walk. Fly fishing is his passion. He knows the local rivers and streams quite well. If you want to talk fishing and hunting, he is your guy. He will also fillet your catch and get your wild Alaska seafood freezer-ready to bring home after your Alaska vacation. He is the resident grill-master and is known to whip up some mouthwatering land-to-table meals in the kitchen. Courtney is an avid outdoors lover that fell in love with Alaska after a summer in Denali. She manages the Kenai Airport Hotel 15 minutes away, which is a boutique style 16-room Alaskan lodge in the historic fishing town of Kenai. In addition to loving the lodge life, Courtney has owned a marketing business for six years and spends lots of gratifying hours writing about the Last Frontier. Her greatest passions in life are trail running, fly fishing, and animals, specifically her three rescue dogs: Nashville, Glacier, and Loomis the Frenchie.

A Little Of Our Story

Continuing the tradition of Jim & CatSue

We always say that we can’t take any credit for this beautiful property. The real magic behind the experience that you find at A Cabin by the Pond comes from Jim & CatSue. These two poured their hearts & souls into creating the most special retreat atmosphere on the Kenai Peninsula. Eric & Courtney purchased the property in April 2017, and they are humbled by the opportunity to continue the legacy that has been started. They are looking forward to future growth & expansion, without compromising the level of quality & service that A Cabin by the Pond is known for.